Youth Volunteers Initiative 2022





Youth Volunteers Initiative 2022

Voluntary work is generally considered an altruistic activity where a group of people provide services for no personal or financial gain but merely for the benefit of the public. However, volunteers usually need some support, including financial but not salaries, to cover the cost of necessary tools, materials, and equipment to make the project happen.

Therefore, Rwanga Foundation is launching the project of ‘Youth Volunteers Initiative’, which is an annual project to urge the female and male youth to come up with project proposals and participate in a competition to be funded and supported to implement their projects for the best benefit of the public. The YVI project started in 2018 and since then it has continued to fund the volunteer groups each year.



  •          13/04/2022 until 30/06/2022 applying initiatives (78 Days)
  •          01/07/2022 until 21/07/2022 Evaluation and Selection (20 Days)
  •          22/07/2022 until 13/08/2022 Preparation for starting initiation (22 Days)
  •          14/08/2022 until 14/10/2022 implementing the initiatives (61 Days)
  •          The ceremony of presenting the projects and their outcomes will take place in the beginning of December 2022.

 The 24 volunteer winner groups for the year 2022:

  •          Sports School for Development and Education Volunteer Group / Al-Anbar
  •          Charity Workers Volunteer Group / Al-Anbar
  •          Al-Amal Volunteer Group / Al-Qadisiyyah
  •          Al-Ruiya Volunteer Group / Babylon
  •          Our New Iraq Gathering Volunteer Group / Baghdad
  •          PIXEL Media Voluteer Group / Baghdad
  •          Athar Volunteer Group / Basra
  •          Saqshakhiyoon Volunteer Group / Dhi Qar
  •          Kudia Volunteer Group / Dhi Qar
  •          Shahraban Humanitarians Volunteer Group / Diyala
  •          Bozhin Volunteer Group / Duhok
  •          Better Kurdistan Volunteer Group / Duhok
  •          Halo Volunteer Group / Erbil
  •          Hiwa Volunteer Group / Halabja
  •          Borrowing Web Volunteer Group / Karbala
  •          For Better Health Volunteer Group / Kirkuk
  •          CoderDojo Iraq Volunteer Group / Maysan
  •          Blue Hands Volunteer Group / Muthanna
  •          Athar Taib Volunteer Group / Najaf
  •          Harmony Volunteer Group / Nineveh
  •          Hand in Hand to Build Iraq Volunteer Group / Salahaddin
  •          Children's Environmental Education Volunteer Group / Sulaimani
  •          Rangala Volunteer Group / Sulaimani
  •          the Female Saints Volunteer Group / Wasit


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