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Book Project 2022

Rwanga Book project is an annual project of Rwanga Foundation that encourages writers to participate by writing Books on various themes. This year, the theme of the project encourages writers to write about four technology-related topics. The project creates a competition among writers across Iraq. At the end of the project, four (2 Kurdish, 2 Arabic) best written books will be selected and published by the project.

How will the books be selected?

The project gives 12 months to the writers to submit their written books to the project. Later, two evaluation committees will select the best 4 books. The evaluation committee of Arabic Books will select 2 best written books, and the Evaluation committee of Kurdish Books will select 2 best written books. The selected books will be designed, printed, and distributed in libraries, universities, and schools across Iraq. Moreover, a book signing ceremony will be organized for the authors of the selected books where they are going to be recognized and awarded.


Theme of the Project:

The authors should select one of the below Technology-related topics to write about:

  • Social media (e.g., the advantages and disadvantages of using social media)
  • Digital addiction (e.g., the Impact of digital addiction on the individual and the community.
  • Electronic blackmail and/or Digital Extortion
  • Gaming (e.g., the impact of gaming on social life)



Eligibility Criteria

For the author:

·       Everyone can apply regardless of age, and nationality.

·       The writer must be currently living in Iraq.




For the book:

·       The content of the book should be about one of the above-mentioned topics.

·       The book should not have been previously published.

·       The language of the book must be Arabic or Kurdish.

·       The book should be in between 15000 (minimum) to 30000 (Maximum) words.

·       The book should be written in an academic method and include (the title, synopsis, introduction, Index, the body, conclusion, Findings and Recommendations) please download the suggested template.

·       Reliable sources must be used with giving credit.

·       Using of the questionnaires is a plus.

·       Literature books, such as (Poetry, Novel, Drama) will not be considered.

·       Each writer is required to submit only one book.

·       The book must be in a word document using the template.


How to Apply:                                                     

·       The book must be sent online in Word file format (not PDF) to [email protected].

·       Both sides of the personal ID card must be attached in the email.

·       The email must include the phone number of the applicant.

·       The subject of the email must be Name of the book, name of the writer.

·       The deadline for application is January 31st, 2023

·       Any application which does not match the above-mentioned criteria will not be considered for evaluation.



For more information, please call 07502960222 or email us at [email protected]