Danaz Kamaran - Rwanga Book Project

Danaz Xoshnaw is 12 years old and she is one of the winners of the Rwanga Book Project 2019, she was able to become one of the winners of a project on the level of Kurdistan region which had a large number of participants.

Her father, who is a writer and caricaturist, is an inspiration to her. Danaz has been writing since she was 8 years old, she also draws and does handicraft. Other than her family members, nobody else knew about her talents. However, other than creating beautiful posters at school, she did not have any real chances to show her talents. Despite this, her writings and drawings stayed in her notebooks.

When she found out about the Rwanga Book Project through her father, she wanted to participate and publish her writings, and her family encouraged her to to do so. Moreover, she decided to participate with the story of “my white bird”, she wrote this one  with the same simplicity of her usual writings. When she found out that her book was chosen as one of the winners, she felt extremely happy and she thanked the judges for their trust and belief in her.
Achieving such an award at a young age is without a doubt a dream come true. This accomplishment motivated her to write two other stories, and she is planning to do the drawings for her book “House of the fishes” by herself.

There’s no doubt that these awards showed her abilities and talents to the readers, at the same time it increased her self-confidence. Danaz hopes to become a journalist like her father, to enter into the world of writing and to introduce Kurdish literature to the world.