Latif Fatih - Rwanga Book Project

Latif Fatih is a writer and journalist, he has approximately 50 different published books, his writings have been translated to Arabic, English, Persian, Turkish and French.

He has writings on the subjects of literature, human rights, genocide, and Kirkuk.

He has been writing since primary school, and even though it has brought him many challenges, but he has not given up and he is continuously working towards a better future, despite the obstacles.

When the announcements about the  Rwanga Book Project 2019  were made, his daughter “Raz” who writes children stories, suggested that they both send their stories, and he sent the story of “Darin’s journey through Kurdistan”.

Raz’s story was not selected as a winner while latif’s story became one of the six winners, he wished that Raz’s story would also be selected because it was a beautiful story. However, he was glad that his story was chosen.

This achievement was an encouragement for him to start writing books for children.