Diman Abdullah - Rwanga Awards

Diman Abdullah Abdulhamid, 24    Akre, Duhok

Rwanga Awards 2019

Short Story (Robot Coldness … Love warmness)

Diman Abdullah, 24. The first winner of the Rwanga Awards 2019 in the category of Short Story. She was able to be one of the winner in a competition among hundreds of winners on the level of the Kurdistan region.

During university, she was doing interpretation. She has translated more than 10 books. Later on, at the age of 22, she began writing films, plays and short stories.  She always hoped to participate in a writing competition.

When she heard about the Rwanga Awards 2018, it was already too late and has passed the deadline for applying. So she decided to participate and apply her product in 2019.

“It was good news for me, so I decided to participate in the competition with a different subject and with so much desire to give me a greater chance of winning. The support of God and my own efforts made my story good enough to attract the attention of the judges and get the first place”. said Diman.


Receiving the Rwanga Awards trophy encouraged Diman to write a book called "How to Live the Life We Want" with her sister and encourage others to start writing. It also improved her skills and inspired her to level up and start writing novels.


"This award encouraged me to translate my writings into English and to start writing in English in order to participate in the international competitions," Diman added.