The Rwanga Youth Forum 2021 was Held

Thursday, September 2, 2021 8:15 PM

Erbil, KRI (September 2,2021) – Rwanga Foundation held the Rwanga Youth Forum in Rotana Hotel in Erbil in which three panels were conducted on different topics related to the shortage of job opportunities, the panels were done with the participation of ministers, SME owners, academic people, and international trainers, and the attendance of 38 youth delegates.


During the opening speech of the forum, AbdulSalam Medeni, Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation said: " Optimist is someone who can see the reality and try to find ways to solve problems and make situations better. The aim of managing the Rwanga Youth Forum is to be able to manage this platform every year on a different topic to build a bridge between young people and decision-makers”

Dr. Jotiar Adil, Kurdistan Regional Government Spokesperson added “The government's goal is not only to provide job opportunities for youths, but also to provide a suitable environment to make creative young people who can rely on themselves.”

After the opening ceremony, a presentation was delivered about the youth employment situation in the KRI, Also, a report was previously prepared within the framework of the forum containing detailed information and statistics on the situation of youth in the Kurdistan Region and was be published published to the public on Rwanga Foundation social media platforms and website.

38 youth delegates participated in the forum representing the governorates of Erbil, Sulaimani, Dohuk, and Halabja. The young people were selected through a challenging and transparent process. They are between the ages of 18 and 35 and have a deep interest in advocacy and social works related to youth issues.

Three panel discussions were conducted as part of the forum, the panels included:

1)     Increasing the Job Opportunities through Supporting Small & Medium Projects

• Moderator: Bilal Said

• Panelist: Kamal Muslim Saeed, Minister of Trade and Industry

• Panelist: Dr. Mohammad Shukri, Chairman of Board of Investment

• Panelist: Dr. Nawal Karim, Business Development Manager, NassPay, Darin Group

• Panelist: Hussein Dizzaye, University Lecturer and the Head of HR at Genel Energy

2)     Mismatch between the education system and labour market requirements in KRI

• Moderator: Dr. Mehabad Sadi Ali

• Panelist: Kwestan Mohammed Abdulla, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

• Panelist: Dr. Khattab Ahmed Mustafa, General Director of Education, Planning, and Follow-up at the ministry of Higher Education

• Panelist: Ajin Zawitay, University Lecturer at AUK Duhok

• Panelist: Rava Khorshid, Director of Professional Development Institute at AUIS

3)     Youth self-empowerment to gain employability and specialized skills

• Moderator: Hanar Marouf

• Panelist: Kurdo Jamal, International Trainer and Co-founder of KaraMax

• Panelist: Vian Taher, Head of HR Arab North and Kurdistan Department/ Zain Iraq

• Panelist: Marwan Ahmed, Career & Business Development Advisor, GIZ

• Panelist: Stav Aso, Research Manager at BCF

A rwanga staff was assigned to collect information and notes throughout the three panels about the problems and solutions mentioned by the panelists to be attached to the report and prepare a summary for the forum. 

The sponsors of the Rwanga Youth Forum 2021 are (KurdNeft) as the diamond sponsor, and (Darin Group, MRF, Fastlink, Kavin, Hemn Group) as the Golden Sponsors.


Rwanga Youth Forum is a platform for youth to engage in dialogue with various decision makers to explore possible solutions for creating an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable future. It is to give a stage to the unheard voices of the youth. We try to reduce the gap and establish a bridge between the youth and decision makers and get youth involved in decision making process. Each year, they discuss an issue and a challenge affecting the life of youth. In the same time, they recommend and propose solutions for those issues and challenges. This year's theme of the forum is the shortage of job opportunities and how to address this issue.