A Job Fair was Held in Zakho University

Monday, October 25, 2021 5:56 PM

Duhok – KRI (October 25, 2021) A job fair was held at the University of Zakho in partnership with the Rwanga Foundation and the participation of a number of cmpanies and NGOs.

With the aim of creating opportunities for the job seekers and job providers to meet in one place, the fair was organized by the University of Zakho in partnership with Rwanga Foundation, and Norwegian refugee council with the participation of around 90 international and local companies, NGOs, and educational institutions. More than 123 job vacancies and 105 internship opportunities were provided by the employers. The job fair also created a linking bridge for the jobseekers to directly meet up and engage with the employers.

The fair started with an opening speech from D. Nadhim Sulaiman Abdulaziz (President of Zakho University), during his speech, Dr. Nadhim said "We do not want to make the university a place for studying only, we should support students after graduation to find jobs for themselves, we appreciate the role of Rwanga Foundation and NRC for helping us organize this event.

A panel discussion was also held with the participation of the Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation under the title of "Youth - University - Private Sector" as part of the fair.

In part of the discussion, the CED of Rwanga Foundation said, “Many companies and NGOs are looking for skilled employees. For this reason, young people need to improve their skills in order to seize these opportunities, there are many important soft skills which are not taught in universities and that youth need to work on by themselves in order to be able to find a proper opportunity”.  

Rwanga Foundation has been continuously working on providing job opportunities for the youth through its Rwanga Foras project and Rwanga Foras International job fair, as well as providing many training for the youth to improve their professional skills.