‘Youth Volunteers Initiative 2022’ was Announced

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 2:55 PM

Mosul, Iraq – (April 13, 2022), Rwanga Foundation announced the annual 'Youth Volunteers Initiative' project in a press conference for the fifth year in a row. Voluntary groups can now apply their project proposals.


Voluntary work is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or a group of people provide services for no personal or financial gain but merely for the benefit of the public.
However, volunteers usually need some support, including financial but not salaries, to cover the cost of necessary tools, materials and equipment to make the project happen.
Therefore, Rwanga Foundation is launching the project of ‘Youth Volunteers Initiative’, which is to urge the female and male youth to come up with project proposals and participate in a competition to be funded and supported to implement their projects for the best benefit of the public.



  •          13/04/2022 until 30/06/2022 applying initiatives (78 Days)
  •          01/07/2022 until 21/07/2022 Evaluation and Selection (20 Days)
  •          22/07/2022 until 13/08/2022 Preparation for starting initiation (22 Days)
  •          14/08/2022 until 14/10/2022 implementing the initiatives (61 Days)
  •          The ceremony of presenting the projects and their outcomes will take place in the beginning of December 2022.

 General Criteria 


  •          The project should be voluntary based and for the wellbeing of public, benefiting at least 100 people.
  •          The youth from all the governorates of Iraq will be invited to submit their initiatives by filling in a project proposal form.
  •          Each group of volunteers should consist of a minimum of five youth members (aged 18-35).
  •          Groups must not represent any NGO, institution, and any other foundation; they should be formed of the individual members from the society.
  •          The initiative project must not have been financially supported from any NGO, institution, or any other foundation.
  •          Groups which include both males and females are preferred.
  •          Groups which include members of people with special needs are highly recommended.
  •          A special committee will review the applications and select the best initiatives all over Iraq.
  •          Twenty-Four (24) initiatives in total will be selected and funded.
  •          Total budget of each project should not exceed 4,250,000 IQD.
  •          The project budget should not include salaries or any type of stipends to the volunteers, as it is a voluntary-based initiative.
  •          Project proposals should include narrative, financial part (detailed budget breakdown), and photos as well as other documents including maps, designs, approvals, etc., as necessary.
  •          Only the winner groups of 2021 will not have the right to participate in this year’s competition.


 For more information and to apply, please visit the Youth Volunteers Initiative