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Idris Nechirvan Idris President and Founder

Idris Nechirvan Idris is a leading philanthropist and environmentalist in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He founded the Rwanga Foundation in 2013 with an ambitious plan to give every child access to quality education. Since then, Rwanga Foundation’s projects and initiatives have expanded to include economic development, youth empowerment, environmental protection and donations to charitable causes. His initiatives and foundation have helped more than three million people, including refugees and displaced people.

Building on his commitment to the environment, Idris Nechirvan’s initiatives are intended to develop local innovative projects that help tackle global climate change as well.

Idris Nechirvan also serves as the chancellor of the University of Kurdistan – Hewler, the first English medium university in Iraq. 


Rwanga Foundation is a non-governmental organization, which envisages a world where quality education is accessible for all. Its mission is to provide services, build capacities and design policies to ensure easy access to education for all and improve the overall educational standards in KRI, Iraq and the greater global community. 

Rwanga’s strategic goals are to develop platforms for youth to discover talents and fulfill their potentials, introduce the latest technology, including e-learning system to the education process in order to meet the advanced international standards, create a culture and passion for learning in particular among the youth.

Rwanga Foundation's Headquarters is based in Erbil. It officially launched its activities in September 2013 to conduct projects and activities all over Iraq through its four main sectors of education, youth, environment and vulnerable groups

Mission and Vision

Mission Rwanga’s mission is to provide services, build capacities and design policies to enable easier access to education and improve its overall standard in Kurdistan and the greater global community.

Vision A world where quality education is accessible for all.



30 Projects

Education in Rwanga extends beyond traditional academic settings such as schools and universities. A transformative force, not confined to the classroom but weaving its influence through the fabric of everyday life. Rwanga Foundation envisions transforming every individual's life into a continuous journey of learning in a world where education is not a mere steppingstone but a continuous melody, echoing through the corridors of time. In this sector we use practical learning to make individual’s lives and the society better.


56 Projects

The power of youth propels the momentum of today, shaping them into the aspiring leaders of tomorrow. Rwanga actively engages the younger generation in the fabric of our present society, it is through this inclusive approach that we ensure a harmonious transition of the torch from one generation to the next, fostering a legacy of capable and conscientious leaders. This not only proves crucial but is also. By doing so, we empower them to navigate the complexities of the future and guide them towards a path of enlightened leadership.


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Safeguarding the environment, an urgent worldwide imperative, stands at the very core of Rwanga Foundation's unwavering commitment, the foundation embarks on a sacred mission to become the guardian of our planet. In a world where nature's cries often go unheard, Rwanga Foundation emerges as the hub for designing new strategies and solutions that will voice out and solve the changes that resonate across continents. Each heartbeat of the foundation echoes with a profound dedication to nurturing our ailing Earth.

Vulnerable Group

17 Projects

Picture a world where poverty, shrouded in fear, no longer stifles the pursuit of knowledge. Rwanga Foundation emerges as a beacon of hope, extending its compassionate arms to uplift the vulnerable. The foundation's relentless mission is not only to ensure survival but to sculpt a path toward education, skill development, and self-discovery. In the corridors of despair, Rwanga Foundation becomes a steadfast companion, guiding individuals towards the transformative journey of learning.