Invest My Idea Crowdfunding Platform Announced

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 12:47 PM

Erbil, KRI – (December 14, 2021), Rwanga Foundation announced the Invest My Idea Crowdfunding Platform. Which is a platform to connect start-up owners, mentors, and investors, to raise funds for business ideas through online financial contributions.

Small Business owners and entrepreneurs are now able to submit an application to raise funds for their projects. Business owners and private sector companies in KRI and Iraq are strongly encouraged to come forward in supporting the youth initiatives of their choice.

Crowdfunding is an innovative funding opportunity for small businesses and start-ups. It matches up business projects in need of funding with supporters through an online platform. Invest My Idea Crowdfunding Platform is a donation-based platform at the moment. Meaning that entities supporting small businesses or projects on the platform are not expecting a return on their contributions.


On the other hand, individuals or companies in the private sector who intend to invest in certain projects are welcome to come forward and initiate related discussions with the startup owners. Rwanga Foundation is pleased to provide a supportive environment in this regard.


Regardless of the obstacles, entrepreneurship is considered as the key driver of the growth and development of the economy, and entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors around the world have profound networks and communities that connect them with each other. This is very crucial, especially for Iraqi entrepreneurs because many of them lack a good network and access to finance and funds. Invest My Idea Platform intends to fill in this huge gap in the ecosystem of the Iraqi entrepreneurship.


Invest My Idea is a crowdfunding platform that connects start-up owners, mentors, investors, and organizations working in the entrepreneurial landscape (in an online platform) to perform crowdfunding which is a way for individuals, businesses, and charities to raise funds. It works through individuals or organizations who invest in (or donate to) crowdfunding projects.


To learn more about Invest My Idea Platform and see the fundraising campaigns please click here:

For more information about this platform, please call:  +9647501050222