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Iraq Handmade

Iraq Handmade is an application developed by Rwanga Foundation for supporting young handmade business owners. The application has a wide capacity for receiving and presenting handmade products; and sells them through an online application and website. Business owners can share their latest products easily through the developed online handmade market. 

The project provides a way for people to sell their handmade products easily and to present them to people everywhere while remaining safe and protected in their homes and maintaining and improving local products in domestic markets. The project could also contribute to decreasing the unemployment rate by promoting home-based jobs and boosting the local economy.

The project acts as an online shop that collects and sells different types of handmade products made by the hands of different young Iraqi business owners in one platform and application. The application is currently supporting 35 handmade businesses and it’s available on both iOS and Android systems:


iOS link

Android link