Resilience Building Interventions to Promote Food Security in Iraq





Resilience Building Interventions to Promote Food Security in Iraq

This project contributes to national efforts to manage and protect sustainable greenery. Its purpose would be to preserve and recover the shattered parts of the forests that were destroyed due to human activities and natural disasters that caused deforestation. Also, the capacity of government employees in forestry management would be strengthened.

This project is implemented by Ruwanga foundation in collaboration with the World Food Program and funded by the German Cooperation.

The project is carried out in three stages:

·       First, an adaptation to climate change will be established, with the primary focus being on preserving the greenery on th​e Salahaddin University campus in Erbil. Waterboxx's most modern technology will be used for this. Groasis Waterboxx is a piece of tree-planting equipment that is both affordable and simple to use. It aids in the restoration of destroyed land as well as the fight against desertification. This technology will be used to water 5,000 trees that will be planted on the university campus.


·       The second phase will include three capacity-building workshops for government entities involved in agriculture and forestry in the governorates of Erbil, Duhok, and Sulaimani. Government environmental departments will thus have a better knowledge of Carbon Credit and contemporary forest management.


·       Furthermore, the thrid phase of the project will involve planting 20,000 trees in Erbil's greenbelt and along the 120m road with the assistance of 20,000 Groasis Waterboxx.


Start Date: January 25, 2023

End Date: July 25, 2023