Conserving Water Through Art Campaign





Conserving Water Through Art Campaign

Rwanga Foundation is implementing the Water conservation Campaign with the goal of supporting KRG’s call for the national campaign to preserve water through creating awareness painting on the Kurdistan Parliament wall to send messages out to deliver awareness messages about the conservation of water, protection of ecosystem, and Recycling. Water conservation refers to the active plan of reducing the overall usage of water and recycling wastewater to maximize functionality for various purposes, such as manufacturing, agricultural irrigation, and environmental regulation.

the objectives of the project are:

-To create art that informs the viewer of environmental issues, culture, nature, and its processes.

-To re-envision our relationship with nature and put forward ways for recycling.

-To increase the community’s knowledge of water resources, water use, and the need to conserve water.

Nine winners from the painting category of the Rwanga Awards (2014-2020) will participate and get financial support to paint the Kurdistan Parliament. The total length of the wall is (324 m) which will be divided into three areas, each winner will select/submit a design of the wall on Water conservation and ecosystem protection theme. The designs will then be painted on the parliament wall. The paintings will be presenting three different topics (Water conservation 45%, Recycling 15%, Ecosystem 35%) while the rest %5 of the wall area will include paintings representing the landmarks inside the KRI governorates.  


Duration of the Project: from Aug 15th,2021 – Oct 15th, 2021.

Budget: 8,890 USD