Overcrowded Mitigation through Building Additional Classrooms





Overcrowded Mitigation through Building Additional Classrooms


The project is designed in respond to the education sector's needs in the Rovia sub-district to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and effective learning and the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies. Developing some plans and solutions to limit the negative impact of overcrowded classrooms and improve learning conditions in the classrooms.


The foundation will maintain a learning environment where learners can feel supported and respected. The key project activities are to provide spacious and well-ventilated classrooms to make an educational space for the students by providing:


  • 3 new classrooms.
  •  Inserting 3 plastic wall partitions on the 3 existing corridors
  • Providing school facilities to the newly constructed and upgraded classrooms such as lighting, heating and cooling system, desks, and blackboards.


The existing classrooms become less congested, from 40 – 45 students to 30 -35 students. This will be an excellent indication to help reduce the number of students in the classroom by 90% to support quality education and school extension.


Starting Date: May 1, 2022

End Date: July 1, 2022

Target Location(s): Rovia sub-district, Bardarash district, Duhok, KRI, Iraq

Type: Host Community

Genders: Females, aged (13-15) years

Planned Number of Beneficiaries: 175