Winners of the 'Youth Volunteers Initiative' were announced

Thursday, September 24, 2020 2:02 AM

ERBIL, KURDISTAN (September 23, 2020) - Rwanga Foundation announced the winners of the Youth Volunteers Initiative Project for 2020. 

For this year of the project, a total of 167 projects were applied and 12 projects were selected and announced as winners. 

The number of received project applications at the closing date was 166 applications from all the selected governorates including (38 applications from Duhok, 35 applications from Erbil, 32 applications from Nineveh, 29 applications from Sulaimani, 12 applications from Halabja and 7 applications from Kirkuk and 14 applications for other governorates).


Later, the Evaluation Committee selected the best 12 projects. The committee members were:


·       Dilan Botan - HR Manager at Mselect

  • Dilshad Kadir - Civic Activist
  • Abdulbasit Ahmed Wahab - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Internews
  • Stav Aso - Human Resources Officer at Barzani Charity Foundation
  • Nsar Farhad - UNV


Moreover, (2 projects from Halabja, 2 from Duhok, 3 from Erbil, 2 from Sulaimani, 2 from Kirkuk and 1 from Nineveh) were selected and announced as winners.


Winners of Halabja Governorate:

Winner Group: Raha Volunteer Group

Title of Project: Recognizing and Growing Self-Confidence for People with Special Needs

Winner Group: Book-lovers Volunteer Group

Title of Project: Culturalizing Reading Campaign


Winners of Duhok Governorate:

Winner Group: Volunteer Youth of Duhok

Title of Project: Hand in Hand for a Better Tomorrow

Winner Group: Farheng Volunteer Group

Title of Project: Together we will Save the Environment from Plastic


Winners of Erbil Governorate.

Winner Group: Qasre Youth Volunteer Group

Title of Project: Basic Renovation of Qasre Primary School Project

Winner Group: Waar Volunteer Group

Title of Project: The Environment- Protectors Family 

Winner Group: Voice of Volunteers Group

Title of Project: Audio Learning Project for Blind People


Winner of Sulaimani Governorate.

Winner Group: Resus Volunteer Group

Title of Project: First Aid Project

Winner Group: Renewal Volunteer Group

Title of Project: New Life


Winners of Kirkuk Governorate.

Winner Group: Future Volunteer Group

Title of Project: Returning Hope

Winner Group: Gasha Volunteer Group

Title of Project: Renovation of Namam Park 



Winners of Nineveh Governorate.

Winner Group: Bahjah Volunteer Group

Title of Project: Bahjat Alyatim 


Youth Volunteers Initiative is an annual competition held by Rwanga Foundation With the aim of supporting the female and male youth to come up with project proposals and participate in a competition to implement their projects for the best benefit of the public. The project asks the volunteer groups to apply their project proposals in order to get funds for their projects.