Chiyayi Samir - Rwanga Foras International Job Fair

He is a graduate student holding Bachelor’s Degree of Business and Management at the University of Kurdistan-Hawler. He has always considered himself to be a skillful person with good experience and ability to progress. He sees himself to be patient and able to work under pressure. He first started working when he was the second stage student at university and that was three years ago. He has been one of many people who has tried to apply for dozens of jobs through various platforms, but never got the chance. He has been a volunteer with Rwanga Foundation in one of the projects for three days. He also participated in the Rwanga Foras International Job Fair as a job seeker. Eventually, with constant attempt, he could find a suitable job through Rwanga Foras- online platform. The job title was Customer Service Coordinator at Nasstel Company. He went through the interview process just like any other candidate and finally won the interview and selected for the position.