Mustafa Hoshiar - Rwanga Foras International Job Fair

I have always had passion for designing, especially graphic designing, and I was hoping to find a job at this field one day.

I started looking for job opportunities at different websites for almost three months but with no luck. Initially, I heard about Foras website at a local TV channel and soon started registering my CV and applied for jobs. I also heard about Rwanga Foras Job Fair 2016, therefore I attended the event and had an opportunity to directly submit my CV to various local and international companies and organizations.

After I registered my CV, I noticed that one of the medical companies registered at this website was looking to hire a Graphic Designer and I immediately applied for it. After a short while, I received an email from Novella Company asking to have an interview with me for the ‘Graphic Designer’ position for which I have applied a week before. During the interview, I was told that they have been looking to fill this position for over three months.

Finally, out of the eight shortlisted candidates I was selected and I got the job which I have always loved.

Now I’m a part time Graphic Designer at the Novella and that gives me an opportunity to continue my studies and focus on my work at the same time. Rwanga Foras Job Fair 2016 and Foras website give youths the opportunity to place job seekers in the right positions professionally without having to depend on connections.