Dua Husam - Rwanga Foras International Job Fair

Before visiting the job fair, I had been unemployed for over a year and a half. I tried hard to get a job, had several interviews, but failed too often, leading to a feeling of losing hope and vision. Sometimes the jobs didn’t match my qualification and sometimes it seemed that I wasn’t good enough to be invited to interviews.

I first heard about the Rwanga Foras Job Fair from a friend of mine who planned to attend the fair , she insisted on me to join her, so I decided to visit the Job Fair and give it a try, since I had never been to one. I only prepared 15 CV print outs, not knowing that 35 companies/ NGOs will be attending.

During the one year and a half of my unemployment, I was under lots of stress. I was trying to find a way to break out and enter the job world, i knew that I should try as best as I can at the job fair, so I made sure to take some time to speak to the company representatives. By the time I reached the Al-Baraka Bank booth, I realized that, i already distributed all the 15 CVs. AL-Baraka handed me their business card and gave me the opportunity to send my CV via mail.

Soon after in my application, Al-Baraka Bank invited me for an interview. Impressed of my language and mathematics skills, it didn’t take the HR Department long to call me and confirm that I was hired. I had been waiting so long to get a job, that when they called me, I was completely overwhelmed and speechless, so that they had to call me again to assure if I understood that I had the job.

I first started working as a Bank Teller. After seven months, I was promoted to the Customer Service department. Through the work, I benefited in so many ways like work experience and work ethics. I would like to advise the jobseekers to keep trying and not to give up. When you stop trying, you will lose the motivation you need in life. I was able to find a job; you could be the next one.