Nza Wshyar - Mathematic Competition

Nza Wishyar Saleh was born and raised in Koya province. She is 16 years old and is currently a student in the 10th grade in Chro high school for girls. Since childhood, she had a desire for studying and science, especially in Mathematics subject. When she was a primary school student, her family and teachers were constantly supporting her to improve her knowledge in mathematics.


When her school administration informed her that she has been selected to participate in the annual Mathematics Competition held by the Rwanga Foundation, she felt delighted and considered it as a good opportunity to show her abilities. Nevertheless, at the same time, she was hesitant to take that responsibility and was afraid that she might not make it. During this time, her family and teachers encouraged her to participate, so she decided to participate and promised them that she will succeed.


During the preparations for the first stage of the competition. She did not know what to study and how to prepare herself. However, she looked at the process ambitiously, so she was fortunately able to pass the first stage and get the third place on the level of Erbil governorate among 169 students.


In the second stage, she used many different sources, so she won the second place and stepped towards the third stage of the competition.

It is worth mentioning that in the third stage, it felt much more difficult, as she had to compete with a group of smart students, but at the same time, she was more confident. The fear she had at the beginning had changed to ambition, because the employees of the Rwanga Foundation were dealing with her in a very friendly way and this became a reason for increasing her self-confidence. During this stage, she built many friendships with the student who participated from other cities.


It is worth mentioning that both the third and fourth stages were a live confrontation, meaning that they competed with the other participants in front of their families, teachers, friends, and the cameras. In the third stage, three students passed to the fourth and final stage and competed to win title of "Mathematics Champion". Nza was able to win the second place on the level of the Kurdistan Region and became the second mathematics champion for the studying year of 2018-2019.


What made her very happy was the gratitude of her family and teachers for the success she achieved. As a result of this accomplishment, she now believes in her abilities and talents more than ever, and the success made her change her ideas about the college department she wants to apply for in the future.

In the end, Nza thanked Rwanga Foundation for providing such opportunities and wishes for their continued success in serving young people.

In addition, she advises students to continue trying to learn and succeed, and to take steps towards their goals by improving their abilities and relying on God.