Salwan Fadhil - Rwanga Book Project

Salwan Fadhil is 21 years old, she  is one of the winners of the Rwanga Book Project 2019 which was a competition for writing short stories about children. The winners were chosen on the level of the Kurdistan region. Salwan was able to succeed and become one of the six people who had their books published, and this became her first book to be published.

Salwan has loved reading since she was a child, her mother always bought her stories of different subjects and she used to read them wholeheartedly. Even when she went to secondary school, she continued reading children books. One of her dreams was to become an author and have her own book published. Even though she believed in herself, she never had the chance to.

Salwan really wanted to participate in the Rwanga Awards project, because one of the ten categories was writing “Short Stories”. One day she was searching for information about the Rwanga Awards on the internet, coincidentally she saw the Rwanga Book Project, she decided immediately to participate in the project. She spent three months writing the book and tried her best to follow the instructions and criteria in order to increase his chances of winning.

Succeeding this competition was a very important step for her and helped her move on to another stage. This competition encouraged her to try and write more books, publish them and participate in other competitions as well. She is currently trying to write other stories and publish them, and to also participate in Rwanga Awards - Short story category.