Nariman - Rwanga Book Project

Nariman Kakasur is 42 years old; he works as an engineer. Nariman was one of the winners of the   Rwanga Book Project 2020   where 43 people participated in this project across the Kurdistan region.

He participated with a short novel by the title ‘Someone is still waiting for me


He started reading and writing books in a very young age. His passion for writing started before going to college, he worked in journalism for a short time. He wrote many stories and published them. After that, he began writing novels.


One of his friends – who was aware of his writing skills – encouraged him to participate in the Rwanga Book project competition. That was in the time of the Corona pandemic and the announcement of lockdown in the Kurdistan region. He considered this situation as a chance to write a short novel and apply it under the title of ‘Someone is still waiting for me’. So he participated in the competition, although the entire world was worried about the pandemic but the writer decided to take advantage of that time and write a novel to bring back hope to people who have lost it. He found Rwanga Foundation’s opportunity, seized it, and published his first book.

Being one of the winners in  the Rwanga Book project and  the publication of the book motivated him to work on himself more and to write more books, also it encouraged him to think about publishing other writings as well. This experience opened doors for his writings to reach more readers.