Bawar Kamal - Rwanga Awards

Rwanga Awards 2018

Bawar is a Software Developer, concentrating mainly on Web and Mobile development. he loves reading about AI, and struggles finding patterns of data relations.

He believes Software development is a superpower, and is the future. He participated in Rwanga awards in 2018 to show youth like himself that software is a field that we should look to.

His project was an AI program, which tries to use image classification models to find skin diseases from phones' cameras. 

Now he works at Rudaw as a developer, He supports their website, and helps in improving their apps. He advises every teenager that coding is as important as reading.

Bawar says "Regarding my future plans, I want to work on two apps, one app is for language learning, it will help foreign people learn Kurdish language, and also help Kurdish people learn the other languages they like".

Another app he wants to work on is for students of grade 12, it is going to help them study better, it will include all questions and quizzes which would help them understand what they should try to learn better.