Rwanga Foundation Announces the Mathematics Competition for 2020

Friday, February 21, 2020 6:55 AM

Erbil, KURDISTAN (February 20, 2020) -  Rwanga Foundation announced the ‘Mathematics Competition’ across KRI in which  614 students are competing to win the first, second and third titles. 

The Objectives of the project are to motivate students through a competition, and raise awareness of the parents of students about importance of science stream subjects, especially mathematics.

The competition, which includes 614 students from 10th grade, is held among six General Directories of Education in the Kurdistan region Including 11 Directorates of Education of Erbil, 12 Directorates of Education of Sulaimani, 10 Directorates of Education of Duhok, 3 Directorates of Education of Garmiyan, the Directorate of Education in Kirkuk and the Directorate of Education in Halabja.

The project was announced during a press conference in which was held in Erbil in one of the exam halls on the same day of the first exam (first stage). “We would like to thank Rwanga Foundation for their initiatives in supporting the Education sector in Kurdistan. This competition is an amazing encouragement for the students and a great chance for them to be able to exchange their knowledge throughout the Kurdistan region. We are grateful that they are implementing this project for the second year.’’ said Hardi Maarouf ,Director of Examinations-Erbil.

During the same press conference, AbdulSalam Medeni, Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation further detailed the aim of the project and stated that ‘’ We started this initiative [Mathematics Competition] to create an environment that everyone try to contribute and develop the education system from their end. Last year, we started the project in Erbil as a pilot project. This year we expanded to across Kurdistan Region. This year’s competition is mathematics, but our plan is to add more scientific subject. This project is an initiative to encourage students to participate in such competitions on national and even international levels.’’

The mathematics competition consists of four stages.

  • Stage One: 614 students compete in the first stage to enter the second stage in which only 60 students will remain.
  • Second Stage: 60 students compete of which 6 students will remain for the third stage.
  • Third Stage: 6 students will compete live in which only 3 students will remain.
  • Fourth Stage: 3 students will compete live (on the same day of the third stage) to win the title of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

In order to motivate the students to compete and care more about the project’s main, the three winners will get prizes. 1st place winner will get $2,000 and wins a scientific trip to a country outside of Iraq and $2,000 will be given to the school.  2nd place winner will get $1,500, and $1,500 will be given to the school. Also, the 3rd place winner will get $1000, and the schools will get $1000.

Mathematics Competition 2020 is implemented by Rwanga Foundation in coordination with the Ministry of Education, and sponsored by Al-hayat Pepsi company.