Winners of Mathematics Competition Announced

Monday, August 17, 2020 6:11 PM

Erbil,  KURDISTAN (August 17, 2020) – Rwanga Foundation held the ceremony of the  semi-final and final stages of the Mathematics Competition in a live  competition where 6 students were competing to win the title of the  ‘Mathematics Champion’ in Erbil Governorate.

The Mathematics Competition started earlier this year among 614 students from 614 different schools in 6 General Directorates of Education. Only 6 students could make it to the semi-final stage and only 3 students went to the final stage to win the titles of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The Six students who were competing were:

  • Bilal Muslim Muhamad from Kurdistan High School – Erbil Governorate
  • Ara AbdulSalam from Shahid Jabar High School – Sulaimani Governorate
  • Rekar Hiwa Ahmed from Halabja High School for Boys – Halabja Governorate
  • Sezar Rebwar Abdul Ghafar from Akre High School – Duhok Governorate
  • Hoshyar Sirwan Karim from Hawkari High School – Garmiyan Governorate
  • Nwr Saman Raouf from Nergiz High School – Kirkuk Governorate

Due to the Covid-19 circumstances and to adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the final ceremony of the Mathematics Competition was held live in AVA Channel Studio by the attendance a limited number of guests including: the competitor students, the advisor of the minister of Education, the evaluation jury of the project, and the head of the schools. and It was covered live by the media Channels. After the semi-final and final stages, three winners were announced as below:

During the ceremony, AbdulSalam Medeni, Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation stated: The educational process should be the responsibility of everyone, including the families and societies. Students should learn to enjoy studying.

Mr. Burhan Argushi, the Adviser of the Education Minister states ‘’ Mathematics is the most important educational subject because its considered as a mind discipline builder, it also encourages students to think logically. This activity of Rwanga Foundation is a complement to the activities and plans of the Ministry of Education in order to support the interest of students in mathematics lesson. 

  1. First Place Winner: Bilal Muslim Muhamad - Kurdistan High School
  2. Second Place Winner: Rekar Hiwa Ahmed - Halabja High School for Boys
  3. Third Place Winner: Sezar Rebwar Abdul Ghafar - Akre High School01

The first-place winner won the title of ‘Mathematics Champion’ in Erbil, $2,000- and one-week scientific trip to one of the good schools outside of Iraq. Also, his school won $2,000. The second-place winner and his school won $1,500 each. The third-place winner and his school won $1,000 each.

The ‘Mathematics Competition’ is an annual project of Rwanga Foundation to motivate students through a competition, and raise awareness of the parents of students about importance of science stream subjects, especially mathematics.