Rwanga Foundation Marks Kurdistan Environment Day

Sunday, April 16, 2017 2:45 PM

ERBIL, Kurdistan (April 16, 2017) –  Rwanga Foundation marked Kurdistan Environment Day with awareness campaigns and  activities to raise awareness and encourage people to take positive environmental actions to protect nature and the planet Earth in two biggest  cities of Kurdistan, Erbil and Sulaimani.

In Erbil, a campaign was held under the name of '' Yes for a Cleaner Environment ''. the campaign was in partnership with Sarwar Institute. '' The aim of the campaign is to spread two messages to the people. The first message is to let them know we are all responsible to the environment. Secondly, we must take positive actions for a cleaner environment'' said Sarwi Nasradeen, Head of the institute. '' Thanks for Rwanga Foundation that supported the campaign and made it happen'' he added.

Rwanga Foundation provided plastic bags, gloves and other items to some 700 people who participated in the campaign to collect the waste on the main road of Bahrka Town. Beside Rwanga Foundation's team, Students, Teachers, Volunteers and Government Employees participated in the campaign.'' using the campaign we can inspire the young generation to create a cleaner environment'' said Omer Mala-Hamdi , 31, a volunteer in the campaign.

Moreover, Rwanga Foundation supported Kurdistan Environment Day activities in Sulaimani province - arranged by Municipality of Sulaimani- by distributing leaflets  and helping in collecting waste.

The activities took place at Dabashan area where Head of Sulaimani municipality team, team/ Director of Parks, Head of Environment Board in Sulaimani and a group of volunteers participated.

Back in 2007, The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Environment Ministry designated April 16 as Kurdistan's Environment Day.