Rwanga Foundation Holds Keep Kurdistan Clean Campaign

Saturday, April 8, 2017 5:00 PM

ERBIL,  Kurdistan (April 7, 2017) - To fortify public awareness and promote efforts to  improve environment,

 Rwanga Foundation, in coordination with a group of volunteers,  launched a one-day awareness campaign 

in selected picnic spots of Erbil  Governorate.

The campaign was aimed at spreading awareness and making picnic spots cleaner. Ari Aladdin, Senior Employer Outreach

 Coordinator at Rwanga Foundation said “We strongly believe that improved environmental condition enhances the quality

 of life for the region and cultivates National pride. Today, we have brought necessary items for the volunteers with extra plastic

 bags to distribute among the picnickers so that they will also be actively involved in collecting the trash.’’

Rwanga Foundation provided transportation, plastic bags, gloves and other items, making sure safety for the volunteers. 

Savana Halgurd aged 16, was one of the youngest volunteer who participated in the campaign commented 

‘’ the community has given me a lot. It is now my turn to take care and serve it. I am young, and I want to be

 an example for other youths of my age to help serving the community because we are a part of this community and we have 

to keep it clean for the future generations’’.

Lazha Kurda, a University graduate who brought the volunteers together added ‘’the plan is to spend one day by

 giving back to the planet in terms of cleaning and raising awareness. We have to inform people about the serious environmental

 issues and threats!  

A large number of plastic bags were distributed to the picnickers. The campaign ran from 10 am to 3 pm on Friday and during the 

campaign, over 200 bags of trash were collected for proper disposal.