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Food Baskets Distribution in Refugee Camps in KRI

Monday, April 27, 2020 1:47 PM

KURDISTAN (April 27th 2020), Rwanga Foundation started a new project for providing Food Baskets to 5,653 families located in 5 refugee camps in Kurdistan Region.

The project provides Food Baskets for 5 Camps around the Kurdistan Region. Including two Camps in Sulaimani, Gawilan Camp in Duhok, and two Camps in Erbil governorate. The project is implemented in a close coordination with the UNHCR and the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC).

Rwanga Foundation has provided the budget for supplying 3,150 Families with Food Baskets. Moreover, the budget for 2,498 more Food Baskets were provided by Al-Hayat Pepsi Company. A total of 5,653 Refugee Families will be benefited through the project.

Each Food Basket contains food items ranging between 30 – 80 Dollars. They are basic daily needed food items (Rice, Sugar, Tea, Sunflower oil, Tomato Paste, Chickpeas, Groats, Beans, Lentil, Milk, Salt, Dish-washing Liquid, Wheat Flour, Soap, and Dettol). The items change according to the needs of each camp.

According to the latest statistics by UNHCR, which was published in March 2020: There are 228,805 Refugees currently living in Iraq, 247,440 of them are Syrian Refugees . And 99% of this number are inhabiting the Kurdistan Region.

Meanwhile, Rwanga Foundation has also provided Food Baskets for 5 thousand Vulnerable Families of the host community.