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Rwanga Foundation Trains DoLSA Staff

Friday, November 20, 2020 12:40 AM

Duhok, KURDISTAN (November, 2020) – Rwanga Foundation provides trainings for the government employees of Directorate of Labor and Social Affairs (DoLSA) as part of ‘the Capacity Building of General Directorate of Labor & Social Development’ project in Duhok Governorate.


The aim of the project is to support and develop the technical skills, administrative skills and capabilities of DoLSA employees in Duhok governorate in order to be able to operate six community social centers that are located in six different camp and two more community social centers which are located outside of the camps.


The project develops the skills of those employees who are working at the six community centers, and the key staff of DoLSA in Duhok who are working at the departments of ‘Family Care, Planning, Administration, Finance and Procurement’. Additionally, the staff members from districts and other community centers across Duhok governorate will benefit from the project.


Until now, two trainings were provided as a part of the project including a training on Finance and Logistics that was delivered to 10 of DoLSA employees on GIZ procedures and for 4 days.

In addition, an M&E training was delivered to 36 participants from DoLSA employees for 5 days.

Moreover, six more trainings will be conducted through the project,



Also, the Six Community Social Centers that are currently run by DoLSA. Moreover, the project includes other activities as well such as renovating the community social centers and developing a website for the six centers..




On July 1, 2017, the Rwanga Rwanga Foundation in partnership with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) with the support of DOLSA (Directorate of Labour and Social Affair) and funded by BMZ, implemented a project of running six community social centers in six different IDPs camps (Rwanga Community Camp, Chammishku Camp, Shariya Camp, Bajed Kanadala Camp, Kabarto 1 & Kabarto 2 Camps).

The project aimed to build capacities, raise awareness and have a healthier life and stronger peaceful coexistence through providing Legal Services, Sport Activities, Art Activities, Social Awareness, Basic Life Skill and Business Start-Up.

More than 57,106 people benefited from the project and more than 1893 activities have been conducted in all six community social centers

Starting from April 2020, Rwanga Foundation started a new project to provide trainings for developing the technical skills of DoLSA to be able to operate the six community social centers.