Empowering Sustainable Livelihoods: Enhancing the Reintegration of Returnees for Long-Term Prosperity in Iraq Launch Event

Monday, February 26, 2024 7:13 PM

The illegal and irregular migration of young people has weakened the human resource infrastructure in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

​Erbil, 26th of February 2024 - Rwanga Foundation, with the support of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in coordination with the Federal Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government, announced a strategic project to reintegrate returnees from abroad, Many key personnel in the local and international community, working in the humanitarian and governmental fields focusing of immigration and reintegration expressed their interest and support for the project.

Spanning 36 months from August 1, 2023, to July 31, 2026, the project’s main aim is to enable a conducive environment for Iraqi returnees, facilitating their sustainable and long-term reintegration into their home communities.

Project Activities:

·       Capacity Building: Strengthening the capabilities of governmental bodies, NGOs, essential institutions involved in the reintegration process.

·       Access to Markets: Improving returnees' access to markets will support the development of job opportunities, sustainable businesses, and regional economic expansion.

·       Business Support Services: Assisting returning business owners in overcoming challenges, understanding the economic landscape, and securing long-term stability and independence.

·       Awareness Campaigns: Instructing returnees about their rights, opportunities, and available resources using social media and other platforms.

The project aims to rebuild a healthy living environment and support returnees both financially and psychologically for a healthy reintegration of the returnees into their community.
And this launch event marks the starting point of Rwanga Foundation and Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs activities and saturated work in this matter.

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About Rwanga Foundation:

Rwanga Foundation is a non-governmental organization envisages a world where quality education is accessible for all, and its mission is to provide services, build capacities and design policies to ensure easy access to education for all and improve the overall educational standards in Kurdistan and the greater global community. Rwanga’s strategic goals are to develop platforms for youths to discover talents and fulfill their potentials, introduce the latest technology, including e-learning system, to the education process in order to meet the advanced international standards, create a culture and passion for learning among the youths. Rwanga Foundation is based in Kurdistan and officially launched its activities in September 2013 to conduct projects and activities all over Iraq through its four main sectors of education, youth, environment and vulnerable groups.