Kamaran - Rwanga Book Project

Kamaran Abdulkarim Sheikh, 

Rwanga Book Project 2020

Kamaran Khoshnaw is 50 years old. One of the winners of Rwanga Book Project 2020, he was able to be one of the winners among 43 participants across Kurdistan.

He wanted to share his experiences and lessons of life with the youth and the new generation. He was searching for a platform to reach the youth, to talk to them and see how they think. However, due to financial issues, He paused this idea in his head.

When he heard about the Rwanga Book project, he participated directly on the announcement day. He decided to take this opportunity and participate in the competition by applying on of his books, he also told many of his friends and acquaintances to take this opportunity and participate.

“I was happy when they announced that I was one of the winners of the competition although I would have been happier if a young writer had been in my place”, said Kamaran.


He started working on his book in the time of corona. In addition to the short novel, he also wrote a dictionary of 700 words and its synonyms with the aim of familiarizing the youth with our Kurdish language as well as teaching them about self-confidence and not giving up.


After publishing his book, he decided to write his next book under the name (chess) to have the same purpose. The youth problems especially during wars where all hopes will be buried in graves and no voice above the sound of gunshots will be heard. He hope that he can give some hope to our youth, so that they can build a brighter future.