Lavin Ismail - Rwanga Awards

Lavin Ismail Ahmad

Rwanga Awards 2019

Lavin Ismail is 22 years old and has won the first place in the software development category of the Rwanga Awards, she was able to win this competition on the Kurdistan region level in which 544 competitors had participated.

She has started programming since the age of 17, her first appearance was in a technical competition at the University of Sulaimani, in which she has participated by creating a website and has achieved success. She has never given up on her dreams; she is always trying to improve her abilities in her own field.

When she heard about the Rwanga Awards, she decided to participate with one of her ideas in hopes of succeeding in the competition, Lavin said, “I made an oath to myself to succeed in the competition and win the first place in Rwanga Awards. Even though I started with my project belatedly, and didn’t have enough time, I tried my best and thankfully I succeeded and am really happy.”

Winning at Rwanga Awards helped Lavin to try harder and increased her will to participate in other international competitions. She is currently working on developing a program to participate in the Huawei International Developers competition.

Lavin also mentioned, “This Award showed people my talents and abilities as well as boosting my confidence, I am now able to compete at an international level and win amazing awards”.