Hemin Hadi - Rwanga Awards

Hemin Hadi Hussein

​Rwanga Awards 2019

Hemin Hadi Hussein is 25 years old, he has won the first place in the Entrepreneurship category of the Rwanga Awards 2019, and he was able to win this competition on Kurdistan level in which 544 competitors had participated.

Since 2016 he has been working on making his own brand and releasing a collection, and throughout his work, he faced various obstacles in marketing and selling products.

When he heard about the Rwanga Awards competition, he decided to take advantage of this chance to make people familiar with his brand. If something is fit for someone, it is reasonable for someone else to also learn it.

Winning at the Rwanga Awards helped him participate in other international competitions. He is currently trying to create new designs for his clothes and particiapte in a fashion competition.

“This award showed my talents and abilities to people and also boosted my confidence, it made me realized that I am able to compete at international levels and win important awards like the Oscars” said Hemin.