Hindreen Farsat - Capacity Building of General Directorate of Care and Social Development in Duhok Governorate

Hindreen Farsat,32

Hindreen Farsat, is a graduate of Business Management Department at the University of Duhok. And he is the head of the Planning Department at DoLSA. He was assigned as an M&E focal point since April 15th, 2020, with GIZ project.

“At the beginning I didn’t have any idea about organizational work nor about the M&E terms. English language was a challenge for me as I was not able to write monitoring reports in English which made the work difficult. Furthermore, we didn’t communicate through emails since formal letters is the official way of communication in governmental sectors” said Hindreen.

After working with the Rwanga Foundation team on a daily basis and receiving the different trainings offered as part of the project, Hindreen’s Excel and M&E skills have been improved and now he can easily fill the forms without mistakes. Developing his work skills made it easier to identify problems in the work and find solutions for them; also, it helped him in organizing his work and assign roles and responsibilities for the planning department team to facilitate the required tasks, improve productivity, and improve employees’ skills on M&E system.

Hindreen added “Now I use emails to communicate with my team members as it is a faster means of correspondence and allows for instant access of information and data. English language is not a big challenge now and the terms are not strange to me, especially the M&E terms. Also, my monitoring and evaluation skills have been improved as now I can implement the M&E activities of the Project such as conducting monitoring field visits to monitor the activities, writing monitoring reports, collecting data on a timely basis and filling any forms or tools required”.

The Capacity Building of General Directorate of Care and Social Development in Duhok Governorate (DoLSA) project aims to support and develop technical skills and capabilities of DoLSA to be able to sufficiently operate the six-community social Centres during the course of the contracting year with GIZ.  DoLSA will be able to prepare technically and administratively to operate the six community Centres and other Centres and institutes in Duhok when GIZ and other international organizations withdraw and stop funding.