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Rwanga Foundation held an Introduction Ceremony for the ‘You Are Not Alone’ Project.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 2:41 AM

Erbil, KRI (January 31, 2023),Rwanga Foundation held a ceremony to introduce the "You're Not Alone" project which is being held at the Erbil Orphanage by Rwanga Foundation in collaboration with the General Directorate of Welfare and Social Development in Erbil, the ceremony was held under the topic of "Using Technology in the Educational Process " YANA as an example.

The ceremony was held at the Erbil International Hotel in the presence of Mr. Firsat Ahmed, The Minister of Justice of the KRG, Ms. Zakia Sayed, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, relevant governmental entities, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, local and international organizations. The ceremony was held under the title of "Using Technology in the Educational Process", and the "You Are Not Alone" project, one of the projects of the Rwanga Foundation which is implemented in the Erbil Orphanage, was cited as an example.

In the beginning, a number of speeches were presented by Abdulsalam Medeni, Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation, Yousif Chawshin, General Director of Social Welfare in Erbil.


During the ceremony, the "You Are Not Alone" project and its goals and importance were discussed. One of the most prominent features of the project was the creation of a rehabilitation system to organize all the information, daily activities, and monthly activities of children in the orphanage. A summary of the project was presented to the attendees, and then the importance and effects of the project, as well as the challenges facing the project, were presented from the perspective of the government and Rwanga. Finally, the project's future plans were discussed. Moreover, questions and answers were held between attendees and the project's team.

The project is one of the initiatives of the Rwanga Foundation that started in 2022 in cooperation with the General Directorate of Welfare and Social Development of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Erbil.

The project included developing the capabilities of Erbil’s orphanage on several levels, including improving  the administrative level of the orphanage, developing the skills of the social workers assigned by the government and others who were employed by Rwanga Foundation through providing training courses to raise their knowledge and performance in case management, preparing weekly and monthly plans for the children. Until now, 15 employees have been hired at the orphanage as part of the project and in different specialties including (Babysitters, social workers, Psychotherapists, and a supervisor).


An application was also designed according to the requirements of the orphanage. The application provides weekly and monthly reports for the social workers, a special field for managing the children’s cases, monitoring the status of the teachers, and setting educational activities for children and employees according to a plan designed by Rwanga Foundation in coordination with the governmental authorities.